Clean Pillowcase provides fresh fabric for you to sleep on each night without having to change your pillowcase

How It Works

Clean Pillowcase provides up to 7 nights sleep on clean fabric by simply turning over one of the multiple fabric panels attached to the primary pillowcase.


The Benefits

Easy to Use

Clean Pillowcase is easy to use, simply turn over one of the panels attached to the primary pillowcase before going sleep.


What others say about the importance of a clean pillowcases

“Your pillowcase can house dirt and oil, which can cause acne. Remember to wash them often. #SkinCareTips” – DeSpain Cayce Dermatology Center

“Congestion of the skin, resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, and other types of acne, can often be caused by a dirty pillowcase.” –

“Pillowcases and acne skin conditions turned out to have a relationship. Just as clothes should be regularly washed and replaced, pillow cover fabric also not be left dirty…” –

“’Your pillowcase becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Change the cover…more if you continue waking up to breakouts,’ says Dr. Julie Russak, M.D., a New York City dermatologist.” –

Your pillowcase can house dirt and oil, which can cause acne. Remember to wash them often. #SkinCareTips – Dr. Ken Redcross

“As you sleep on dirty pillowcases, dirt and oil are wreaking havoc on your complexion. ‘Anything that transfers dirt and oil to your skin—like your pillowcase—can be the reason for acne and skin irritations,’ Dr. Engelman says.” –

“Wash your pillow cases frequently. Bacteria, oil, sweat, and makeup are easily transferred from your face to a pillow case while you sleep.” –

“Germophobes Take Note: Your Pillowcase Is As Dirty As Your Toilet” –

“Your Pillowcase Might Be Causing Your Breakouts” –

“If Acne Is Still One Of Your 99 Problems, These May Be The Surprising Reasons Why” – Medical Daily

“5 Things You Are Doing Wrong That Is Giving You Bad Skin” – Yahoo! Style

“Change your pillow case every day” –

“Regularly Change Your Pillow Cases” –